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Access, Action, and Advocacy 

on behalf of California’s Psychiatric Physicians

and the People we serve

PPAC is dedicated to serving the interests and needs of psychiatrists throughout the state while advocating for sound and equitable mental health care for all Californians.

Advocacy and Participation is Central to Reaching PPAC Goals

PPAC's professional staff monitor the daily business of the State Legislature, coordinate all legislative initiatives, and advocate on PPAC's behalf directly with legislators and aligned organizations.

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California psychiatrists are very busy, in-demand medical professionals. So, it’s fair to ask why you should make time for membership in the Psychiatric Physician's Alliance of California. An effective advocacy program for patients, psychiatrists, and their practices will make your practice of medicine safer, more fair and reasonable, and increasingly efficient. 

2023 State Legislation impacting mental health policy and services in California.

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