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Advocacy and Participation is Central to Reaching PPAC Goals


PPAC's professional staff monitor the daily business of the State Legislature, coordinate all legislative initiatives, and advocate on PPAC's behalf directly with legislators and aligned organizations.  Our voluntary Government Affairs Committee provides psychiatric expertise on various bills and prioritizes our objectives.  In this way, PPAC remains at the center of activity as policies affecting the delivery of mental health care in California evolve.


Political Action Committee

Our political action committee is a separate organization, as required by law, and directly contributes to the campaigns of legislators qualified to serve Californians well.  To be considered for a PPAC donation, a legislator must care about the mental health of Californians, and support access to, and improvement of the quality of psychiatric care. We interview candidates and contribute to individuals who share our goals in both the primary and general elections

Know Your Legislator 

The First Step - If you do not know who your legislators are, please find out by simply


PPAC's Advocate Makes Statewide News

CAL MATTERS - The state's preeminent online resource for nonpartisan state news, published this commentary by PPAC Advocate Randall Hagar: 

Plan to overhaul mental health system

gives California families a glimmer of hope

Randall Hagar is a policy consultant and legislative advocate for the Psychiatric Physicians Alliance of California. He helped draft both the California Mental Health Insurance Parity Act and Assisted Outpatient Treatment Act, also known as Laura’s Law.

Gov. Gavin Newson’s announcement in the spring to radically reshape California’s mental health care was compelling for several reasons. One is personal: I have an adult son with schizophrenia, a condition that’s impacted our lives for almost 30 years and counting. 

Continue reading HERE ...


PPAC is fueled by the active participation of members and through the funds we've outlined above. Please consider how you can contribute to the mission and goals of the PPAC. And, as you commit yourself to active membership, kindly invite your colleagues to join you in making California a national role model for sound mental health policy.

  PPAC's Chief Advocate Honored

Each year, Capitol Weekly - Sacramento's journalistic voice about governance in California, selects individuals whose work has significant impact on policymaking. PPAC is pleased that Randall Hagar, our chief advocate, was selected as one of the outstanding influencers of policy in California - specifically for his work in advocacy for mental health care. 

Read about Randall Hagar in Capitol Weekly


Your PAC contribution helps PPAC remain active and effective in advocacy efforts throughout the year. Donations demonstrate the strength of our organization

and give us the ability to be heard, acknowledged and respected as we advocate for sound and effective mental health policy in California. 

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