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Access, Action, and Advocacy

on behalf of California’s Psychiatric Physicians

and the People we serve

About  the
Psychiatric Physicians
Alliance of California

Who we are and what we do to promote sound mental health policy and access to care. ​

Government Affairs
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PPAC's Commitment and Mission

The Psychiatric Physicians Alliance of California is dedicated to serving the interests and needs of psychiatrists throughout the state while advocating for sound and equitable mental health care for all Californians. We are a focused alliance guided by veteran experts in mental health policy and by psychiatric physicians who understand the critical importance of advocacy in a state as diverse as California.

Our presence in the State Capitol where mental health and regulatory policy is both created and implemented is essential to safeguarding the practice of psychiatry in the interests of patients seeking mental health care throughout the state. Among PPAC’s broad spectrum of interests includes:

  • Providing accurate public information regarding legislative measures that may impact the quality of mental health care in California. This is accomplished through a robust network of news and media contacts, alliances with partners in other medical fields, collaboration with compatible mental health stakeholders  and other special interest groups, and through timely communication with PPAC members.

  • PPAC considers the needs of psychiatric physicians in the full range of practice settings including: private practice; public sector mental health care, including state prisons and state hospitals; child psychiatry; and managed care. We address the unique requirements and environment in each arena to advocate for the optimal outcome.

  • Access to decision makers in both the State Legislature and relevant state departments ensures the voice of PPAC members is heard and considered. Relationships have been developed over decades of gaining the trust and respect of people guide policy and make decisions that impact the practice of psychiatry and the delivery of mental health care.

PPAC communicates openly, keeping members up to date on developments and decisions. Members wishing to more actively participate in advocacy activities are welcome to join at various levels, from serving in an advisory capacity in policy development, to providing written and oral testimony when needed.  Read more about PPAC HERE.

Psychiatric Physicians Alliance of California

1415 L Street, #1200, Sacramento CA 95814 ~ P-916.572.2035

Learn more about how you, as a California Psychiatrist, can impact the development and implementation of mental health policies in California, protect your scope and standing as a medical professional, and improve mental health care for all Californians. 

It's what we do as an effective, experienced alliance. JOIN US TODAY! 

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