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Statewide Impact Included with Your PPAC Membership

California psychiatrists are very busy, in-demand medical professionals. So, it’s fair to ask why you should make time for membership in the Psychiatric Physician's Alliance of California (PPAC).  Simply stated, an effective advocacy program for patients, psychiatrists and their practices will make your practice of medicine safer, more fair and reasonable, and increasingly efficient. The impact of your participation in the Alliance will have statewide - sometimes nationwide - impact. We make a difference in your care for your patients.

PPAC Strategy and Plan

PPAC is organized by and for psychiatrists. All psychiatrists. And only for psychiatrists. Any psychiatrist who wishes to support strong psychiatric advocacy is welcome to join us.

PPAC has a plan.  It shares common advocacy interests with the APA and its district branches. Unlike District Branches and the APA which have a broad array of additional priorities, mandates, and functions, the Alliance has a single purpose – Advocacy.


PPAC will utilize a government affairs committee and a political action committee, will leverage acknowledged psychiatric experts to inform policy, will adopt policies similar to those established and will stay true to the best values of the APA.

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Experienced, seasoned lobbyists like Randall Hagar, named one of California's "Top Influencers" in California by Capitol Weekly, are committed to PPAC and to creating a new history of success We initiate and sponsor multiple bills each year. 


What does this all add up to? Continuity in advocacy. You know us. We are time-tested and you know what we can do. 


We will excel at educating policymakers to make good choices for psychiatric patients and the practice of psychiatry throughout California.


In addition, because of our laser focus on advocacy, the Alliance will be able to reduce costs when compared to running a statewide organization that possesses much broader interests and activities.


For California psychiatrists, membership in PPAC provides a number of important services.

Among these is protection of your profession which comes under threat each and every year with proposals such as:

  • Empowering Nurse Practitioners to practice medicine without standardized medical training and education

  • Repeated attempts by the Medical Board to gain access to psychiatric records without patient consent

  • Bills that seek to give psychologists the ability to prescribe medications

  • Discontinuing parity for telehealth practice and telehealth payment


Some these are perennial attempts to override the expertise and medical education of psychiatrists. Others are new challenges that must be met head-on.  PPAC will also battle organized groups of anti-psychiatry advocates.


PPAC will depend upon your membership and participation to keep the historically powerful advocacy for psychiatry consistent and influential in the State Capitol. We invite and encourage you to join us now – today. We cannot afford to lose our momentum. Legislators and state departments will depend on PPAC to be there, representing you and protecting the critical practice of psychiatry in the State of California.


We ask Founding Members to contribute whatever they can afford to get PPAC off the ground. Our immediate task is to continue the work uninterrupted. We need to grow PPAC membership. Basic dues start at just $325 a year, with a break for medical students, residents, fellows, and early-career psychiatrists. An annual budget based on this amount is significantly less than that of other medical associations because we have designed our mission to be highly focused for you. Again. Join us today.


Thank you for the work you do. We are proud to represent your interests.

​JOIN PPAC TODAY for your Tommorow!

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