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2023 Bills of Interest to PPAC Members

PPAC advocates have a leadership position in guiding mental health legislation and policies that best serve California's diverse population. Through collaboration with our physician members and ongoing communication with state legislators, agencies, and stakeholders, PPAC develops policy and legislative positions that impact the delivery of mental health care in California. In Sacramento, it's our job to inform policymakers about the positions we adopt, to advocate  for or oppose legislation, and to educate officials and the public about the delivery of mental health programs. Our alliance influences mental health policy throughout the State of California and the nation.

Sponsored and Priority Bills

AB 1437

(Irwin D)   Medi-Cal: serious mental illness.

Status: Assembly vote 75-0. In Senate.

Summary:  Under this bill, a prescription refill for a drug for serious mental illness would automatically be approved for a period of 365 days after the initial prescription is dispensed.

SB 43

(Eggman D)   Behavioral health.

Status: Passed Senate. (Ayes 37. Noes 0.) In Assembly.

Summary: This bill expands the definition of “gravely disabled” to also include a condition in which a person, due to a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder, or both, is at substantial risk of serious harm, or is currently experiencing serious harm to their physical or mental health. The bill defines “serious harm” for purposes of these provisions to mean significant deterioration, debilitation, or illness due to a person’s failure to meet certain conditions, including, among other things, attend to needed personal or medical care and attend to self-protection or personal safety.

SB 363

(Eggman D)   Facilities for inpatient and residential mental health and substance use disorder: database.

Status: Senate vote 40-0. In Assembly Committee on HEALTH.

Summary: Would require develop a real-time, internet-based database about beds in specified types of facilities, such as chemical dependency recovery hospitals, acute psychiatric hospitals, and mental health rehabilitation centers, among others, to identify their availability. The bill would enable searches to identify beds that are appropriate for individuals in need of inpatient or residential mental health or substance use disorder treatment.

SB 372

(Menjivar D)   Department of Consumer Affairs: licensee and registrant records: name and gender changes.

Status: Senate vote 33-4. Referred to Assembly Committees on Business and Professions and Judiciary

Summary: This bill would require a board to update a licensee’s or registrant’s records to include the licensee’s or registrant’s updated legal name or gender and would require the board to remove the licensee’s or registrant’s former name or gender from its online license verification system and treat this information as confidential.

SB 373

(Menjivar D)   Board of Behavioral Sciences, Board of Psychology, and Medical Board of California: licensees’ and registrants’ addresses.

Status: Senate vote 36-0. Referred to Committee on Business and Professions.

Summary: Would prohibit the Board of Behavioral Sciences and the Board of Psychology from disclosing on the Internet the full address of record of certain licensees and registrants.


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