Government Affairs, Critical to PPAC Effectiveness

Toward the goal of achieving sustainable, quality mental health care throughout the state of California, there is little more important than Government Relations. Over time, our alliance has built a strong presence in the State Capitol and become one of the premier voices in mental health policy and programs. Having a seat at the table with key lawmakers and prominent mental health advocates means the member physicians of PPAC will be represented and heard.


At the same time, we’ve strengthened our alliance with district branches and leveraged their ability to communicate with their local elected officials – essentially creating a network of informed and active psychiatrists whose expertise and credibility is unparalleled. Our Key Contacts program is an important way individual PPAC embers participate in ongoing work


Through Government Affairs, we lend support to national policies that benefit mental health and also collaborate to share best practices from our statewide efforts.


Our Government Affairs program includes the following duties:

  • Monitor proposed legislation

  • Track key legislation throughout the process                                            

  • Collaborate with stake holders to develop legislative strategies

  • Communicate with PPAC leadership and members regarding legislative issues

  • Participate in educational forums regarding mental health policies

  • Work with media to create better understanding of mental health issues

  • Provide reporters with access to member psychiatrists for expert information

  • Draft legislation and policy papers

  • Work with legal staff to vet legislative language and positions

  • Testify on critical bills before the State Legislature

  • Other actions as called for ....

 To sign up to receive updates on individual bills REGISTER HERE. Once registered, enter the bill you want to follow and click on the Follow Box. You'll be notified of any changes. It's a fast and easy process! To simply view the bill in current form click on "View Bill."

PPAC Statement on Inequities & Bias in Health Care

The leaders of the Psychiatric Physicians Alliance of California (PPAC) acknowledge and regret the many ways in which our personal bias, implicit and otherwise, have contributed to systemic racism and discrimination that have disadvantaged or harmed our fellow human beings.

We assertively honor equality and dignity in all our endeavors and we pledge to implement anti-racist actions so that the seeds of discrimination do not take root in our new organization.

In addition, PPAC has adopted policy addressing consequent inequities in health care and in law enforcement. See section XIII of full policy document at PPAC Policy.

PPAC invites BIPOC to become members of our new organization and help shape our actions.

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